When we talk about drones with camera ,we need to know that in this category ,drones are mostly expensive and their performances are something best that technology can offer to us.

So,it is really hard to choose between best drones with camera at the market ,which one is best.


I started sorting drones and after hours and hours of looking and sorting them I came out with 3 best drones with camera at the market.Two of them are product of DJI and one is Typhoon newest version of Phanthom drones .

If you pick anyone from following drones you will not regret

1)      DJI INSPIRE 1 V2.0


3)      DJI PHATHOM 4


These drones cost 1000+ $ and all of them have long flight time and range from 1,5 km(TYPHOON H) to even 5 km(DJI PHANTHOM 4).Their motors are strong enough to carry Go Pro camera and they are ideal for aerial shooting.

But,title of best one goes to DJI PHANTHOM 4.This newest product of DJI ,producers know by producting high budget and quality drones.

PHANTHOM 4 have following features that gave him title best of the bests:

– 12 MP photo,4k and HD camera, 94º FOV camera

– auto pilot

– obstacle sensors

– 28 min of flight time

– 3,5 to 5 km range

– smart return home




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